Please help us get ready for Spring

Wednesday, February 24 was unseasonably warm – a perfect day for preparing the Garden for Spring..  Ingrid Gallagher, Patsy Kramer , Christine Harris, Robert Charest, Emily Snyder, Diane Geis,  and Stephan Miller members of the  Friends of Robbins Town Gardens, Master Gardeners, Arlington Garden Club and Historic Gardener, Mona McKindley, joined together in Phase II of the Garden cleanup.

First we focused on pruning the remaining yews around the Town Hall.  When we finished, you could see the Town Hall’s first floor windows.

Patsy Kraemer & Stephan Miller before pruning
Yews after pruning
Bob Charest & Diane Geis haul away Yew trimmings
Stephan Miller, Bob Charest, Mona Mckindley and Ingrid Gallagfher trim lilac
Ingrid Gallagher hauls lilac cutings to pile






Evidence of our day’s work

We are cleaning out the garden to make way for new flowering bushes and trees.  What we need now is your contributions so that we can purchase new trees for the spring.  Please go to our contributions page  and help us purchase new plants.