We Have Begun to Restore the Garden: Preparing for Spring 2018 Planting

JoAnn Robinson, Christine Harris, Robert Cunniff and Patsy Kraemer met to compare plants growing at the side of Town Hall with 1938 Olmsted plan. They evaluated plant condition, identified those not in the plan, and scheduled them for removal. They also determined which plants should be pruned.

Before work began, yews and rhododendrons were overgrown.


Day lilies and hostas were slated for removal.

October 27, the crew began work following the Friends’ recommendations. They trimmed back yews, pruned tree suckers, and removed day lilies, hostas, weeds and invasive plants.


After severe pruning of lilacs, young, straight shoots may thrive. There is now dappled sunlight behind the rhododendrons and clear open space for spring installation of appropriate plants.